Service Offerings

Sex Therapy


Sex Therapy helps to take the shame, confusion, taboo, and mystery out of Sex and Sexuality so that you can be fully empowered and expressed in your sex life. Get the reassurance, education, and skills to gain sexual confidence and competence. 

  • 50 Minute Sessions (Online Only)
  • 75 Minute Sessions 
  • 90 Minute Sessions 

Relationship Therapy


Whether you are struggling to Communicate Effectively, wanting to get the SPARK back in your sex life, or just needing a little Tune-Up in your connection, Relationship Therapy  & Coaching can give you the skills, tools and support to get back on track. 

  • 90 Minute Sessions
  • 12 Session Package
  • 1 Day VIP Retreats

EMDR Therapy


 Do you find yourself feeling triggered by things that logically seem minor? Have you done years of talk therapy but feel stuck when it comes to certain issues? Have you experienced trauma, abuse, or painful events in your past or recently that are affecting you? Get fast relief from long-term challenges.

  • 75 Minute Sessions 
  • 90 Minute Sessions



Experience deep relaxation, inner peace and wellbeing. Overcome negative thoughts, patterns, and behaviors using the power of the subconscious mind.

  • 90 Minute Sessions 

Classes & Groups


In a group setting with other individuals, you will learn valuable information, gain practical tools, and practice new skills for:

  • Deepening connection
  • Increasing intimacy
  • Improving Communication
  • Expanding Pleasure & Play
  • & More... 

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SEX Therapy

Receive Accurate Sex Education

Who taught you about sex? Parents? School? Friends? Lovers? Porn? Oftentimes our sources of information are lacking and can leave us feeling frustrated and confused.

In Sex Therapy you can ask any questions and get non-judgmental, non-shaming, up-to-date information- 


  • Unpack & Release Sexual Shame and Conditioning 
  • Explore & Clarify Gender & Sexual Identity 
  • Learn Tools & Techniques to Improve your Sex Life
  • Explore Fantasy, Seduction, & Erotism
  • Alternative Lifestyles (KINK, BDSM, Swinging, Polyamory) 
  • Understand info on STI/STD, Birth Control, etc 

Arousal, Drive, & Desire

Learn how to:

  • Develop & Maintain an Erection
  • Overcome "ED" "Erectile Dysfunction"
  • Navigate Mis-Matched Desires
  • Understand and work with Low or No Desire
  • Increase Sex Drive 
  • Improve ForePlay & Expand Pleasure and Arousal


Learn how to:

  • Have an Orgasm
  • Have Full Body Orgasms
  • Control your Orgasm
  • Overcome Delayed or Early Ejaculation "premature ejaculation"
  • Explore Female Ejaculation "squirting"

Relationship Therapy & Coaching


I work with busy professionals who:

  • Lead busy lives with limited time
  • Want to build a stronger and deeper connection to their partner
  • Want the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time
  • Are ready and willing to invest in themselves and their relationship
  • Are open minded and introspective

Many people struggle in their relationship with:

  • Lack of sexual connection and fulfillment in their relationship
  • Communication challenges and lack of love language expression
  • Feeling stuck in mundane, routine, and passionless sexual patterns
  • Sharing intimacy, trust, vulnerability, and feeling securely attached

Relationship Therapy sessions can help you learn:

  • To listen and share in ways that allow for full understanding and empathy
  • How to reconnect through touch therapy and intimacy building skills
  • How to handle conflict in a more loving manner and to repair the relationship after a fight
  • How to master non-verbal communication and be more attuned to each others needs
  • To individually connect with their own power and pleasure energy 
  • To create secure attachment bonds that builds long lasting intimacy and deeper connection
  • To bring in more play, fun, and creativity to enliven the relationship

These session are NOT suitable for those who are:

  • Not invested in the relationship
  • Not willing to put in work
  • Not willing to take self ownership
  • Referred for a divorce settlement or mediation
  • Suffering with severe, unmanaged mental illness or known Domestic Violence.

Option One: <90 min> Session

90 Min Relationship Therapy Session:

  • Meet for: Ongoing weekly or every other week sessions for 90 Minutes each ***
  • Receive: Guidance, Coaching, and Support specific to your relationship
  • Engage in: Experiential Exercises to try out during sessions and to practice at home 


Option Two: <1 Day> Intensive

  • This special offering is a great way to "Jump Start" your relationship, "Enhance Intimacy",  or  "Take it to the Next Level". 
  • Experience a personalized  Full Day intensive focused entirely on Revitalizing Your Relationship, Deepening Connection, & Increasing Pleasure! 
  • Learn and practice skills, gain tools, and take your relationship to the next level. 
  • Meet Saturday or Sunday 
  • In person at your home, at my office, or make it a couples retreat at a beautiful Bay Area Location. (additional fees may apply)

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